Over-labelled and Repacked Medicines

A wide range of medicines are over-labelled or repacked for NHS customers by Huddersfield Pharmacy Specials.

These are all provided with bespoke labels, which include the customer’s name and address; specific instructions for the patient and a space for the patient’s name and the dispensing date to be added by hand. A wide range of dosage forms are handled which include tablets, capsules, suppositories, creams ointments, liquids and powders. Up to date patient information leaflets are provided with repackaged medicines.

We have developed several specialist treatment packs for the specific needs of our customers. These can include more than one medication and consumables such as syringes to allow administration. 

The majority of these items are handled in our dedicated Tablet Packing department with a few being repacked in the Non-sterile manufacturing unit.


Huddersfield Pharmacy Specials manufacture a range of oral liquids to treat a variety of conditions. Sterile unpreserved oral solutions are routinely manufactured.

A number of sterile and non-sterile topical liquids are manufactured in a variety of strengths and forms.


Huddersfield Pharmacy Specials manufacture a number of injectable liquids. These are supplied as 2ml, 5ml and 10ml ampoules, prefilled syringes and infusions ranging from 50ml – 1 litre.

Ophthalmic Preparations

Sterile eye-drops and solutions are manufactured for specialist use.

Creams and Ointments

Huddersfield Pharmacy Specials has the equipment, knowledge and experience to manufacture a large range of dermatological preparations.

Batch sizes can range from 2kg – 150kg.

Bespoke Extemporaneous Products

A wide range of extemporaneous medicines are manufactured for individual patient needs. These include oral liquids for patients with swallowing difficulties, specialist dermatology products and other dosage forms.


If you know the product you need place your order by filling in the form via the link below or contact Customer Services on the telephone number above.